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The Goldent Ticket is formulated with ingredients that promote anti inflammatory, boost anti oxidants in the body, boost energy in the body and brain. Fuelling the blood with nutrients and vitamins densely packed into a juice. 


Carrots, Golden Beetroot, Lemon With Peel, Tumeric Root, Ginger Root 

SINGHREENO  (Previously known as the Maharaja & Maharani Juice)

This green juice is packed with nutrients and minerals to help keep your body at it's optimum functioning ability.  Using ingredients that are full of Chlorophyll


Kale, Cucumber, Broccoli, Lemon, Apple

POJ - Pure Orange Juice

Exactly what it says. Freshly squeezed pure juicy and tasty orange juice.


Orange mixed with Carrots.  The juicy and vibrant taste of oranges with the goodness and fibre of a carrot to slow down the process of energy release. Making it a gradual process rather than a spike to the insulin or a rush of natural sugars.

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